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About K's Fruitz

K’s FRUiTZ Co. is a premier and authentic FRUiTZ and Juice Company that has been proudly serving the Little Rock area and beyond since March of 2020. Since then, my mission has been to provide

high-quality organic cold pressed juice and FRUiTZ bowls with simplicity for all those that wish to have simple healthy choices at hand!

We welcome you to the juicing world and hope you’re here to stay with our hundreds of satisfied customers.

What is an Integrative Nutrition Health?

glad you asked!

We partner with you and guiding you through overall lifestyles changes. With a focus on nutrition and wellbeing. I help you find foods and lifestyle practices that are right for your own body and goals!

this is your season for reason

Our Mission

Is to show the world that there is an easier way of making healthier choices throughout your days with fruits and veggies combined. Don’t like to eat them? Let us juice them for you! What sets us apart from others is our passion for you!

As your Health Coach is to work with you 1 on 1 to help you explore your diet and lifestyle. Integrative Nutrition emphasizes the importance of mental, emotional and spiritual factors in our everyday life. Although our DIET IS A HUGE contributor to health, career, relationships, gratitude, spirituality, joy, exercise, and sense of purpose and more play a major role in our overall health.


Your Favorite Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

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